Our new site is live!

Welcome to a new look for COA.

As part of our logo and brand refresh at the end of last year, we teased a new version of the COA site. Today we’re proud to announce the new look COA website.

It’s now easier to get the information you need about COA’s range of products. We’ve created dedicated areas for educators, students and parents on the new site, meaning you’ll only see what’s relevant to you.

Our vision

Our new site includes more detail about our vision. ‘Clear and focused thinking’ is our purpose. The redesign of the site is just one part of this. We’ve focused on clarity of information throughout the site, ensuring that it’s as easy as possible for you to get all the details about our products, events and publications.

Our new blog

We’ve also created a new blog as part of the new site. Going forward, this will be a space for updates about COA’s products, recaps on our events, as well as information and news about the wider careers industry. We’re really excited about the new content we’re going to be publishing – so keep checking back.

Stay in touch

To keep track of the latest news, events and advice, as well as our forthcoming announcements, follow COA on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.