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Interviewing Team

Our interviewing and guidance team are independent advisers, with many years experience of careers work in schools, careers services, or careers consultancy. They operate in teams to reduce the time for one-to-one interviews to a maximum of one or two days.

Mrs Claire Alban

Former Careers Mistress, Gresham's School

Mrs Jane Alexander-Orr

COA Regional Director - The Midlands
Former Head of Careers, Leicester High School

Mr Tony Bell

Former Head of Careers,
Queen's College, Taunton

Mr David Bishop

COA Regional Director - West of England and Wales
Former Head of Careers, Reigate Grammar School

Mrs Judith Carter

Former Head of Careers
West Buckland School

Mrs Jean Chapman

Former Head of Careers,
Harrogate Ladies' College

Bruce Cockburn - COA interviewing team

Mr Bruce Cockburn

Former Head of Careers,
King's School, Tynemouth

Mrs Sandra Culbert

Former Head of Careers, Royal Russell School

Mrs Gill Dann

Former Head of Careers,
Colston's School

Mr Peter Davis

Former Head of Careers,
Pate's Grammar School

Mrs Julia Douglas

Former Head of US and International Applications, Sevenoaks School

Mrs Judith Drury

COA Regional Director - North East
Former Head of Sixth Form, Scarborough College

Mrs Mari Duffy

Former Careers Adviser,
Essex Connexions

Shirley Emmins - COA interviewing team

Mrs Shirley Emmins

Former Head of Careers,
Northampton High School

Mrs Angela Finch

Former Head of Careers,
Oxford High School for Girls

Ann Hall - COA interviewing team

Mrs Ann Hall

Former Careers Adviser,
Nottingham High School for Girls

Mr Brian Hardcastle

Former Senior Master,
Forest School, London

Miranda Holden

Mrs Miranda Holden

Former Careers Coordinator,
Marling School

Mrs Clare Howard

COA Regional Director - North West & Former Head of Careers, Nottingham High School for Girls

Mrs Susan Killgren

Former Head of Careers,
Stamford High School

Brian Lowe - COA interviewing team

Mr Brian Lowe

Former Careers Adviser,
City of London School for Girls

Mrs Eugenie Lucas

Freelance Careers Adviser

Mrs Cathy Norris

COA Regional Director - East Anglia & former UCAS Adviser, Norwich High School for Girls

Mrs Alison Parks

Former Head of Careers,
Durham High School for Girls

Mrs Pam Russell

Former Head of Student Guidance,
Bedford Modern School

Mr Jasper Selwyn

COA Regional Director - South West
Former Head of Careers, Marlborough College

Mrs Christine Sissons

Former Head of Careers, The High School for Girls, Gloucester

Mr Peter Sutherland

Former Senior Master, Whitgift School

Ms Bryony Thomas

COA School Liaison Manager

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Bernadett Walters - COA interviewing team

Mrs Bernadette Walters

Former Career Service Manager, Prospects

Mrs Anne Waterman

Former Careers Consultant, Prospects

Mrs Jane Wilders

Former Careers Adviser,
University of Cambridge Careers Service

Ms Helen Wright

Former Head of Personal Development/Careers, King's Ely

Mrs Fiona Harrall

Former Head of Careers, Sherborne Girls

Dr Mariama Ifode

Former Head of Careers, Francis Holland School

Mrs Lynne Woolliscroft

Former Head of Economics & Careers/UCAS Advisor, Nottingham Girls' High School

Mrs Susan Gooch

Former Head of Year 12 & 13, Langley Park School for Girls


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