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Cambridge Profile Aptitude Tests

Employers and careers advisers increasingly use aptitude tests as aids in assessing a candidate's potential for a particular job or career. In almost every careers field, one or more of the test scores may throw light on a person's suitability for aspects of the work. These tests are valuable for pupils, providing an objective assessment of their academic potential. Also, practice in tests of this kind can help students gain confidence and avoid stress when they are presented with similar tests by employers or academic institutions in the future.

What do the Cambridge Profile Aptitude Tests provide?

  • an added means of assessment when matching a student with a career area or a more specific job

  • opportunities for students to experience such tests in advance of being presented with them by employers or others in future

  • objective assessment of academic potential (useful for students joining a school in the sixth form or at other stages)

  • an assessment of a student’s aptitude when working in their first language compared with English

Developed in association with Dr Charles Johnson, the aptitude tests:

  • are specially designed to take about ONE hour and 45 minutes in total to administer

  • are in full colour

  • can be completed on paper or online (under strict conditions)

  • can be taken ‘stand-alone’ or integrated with Preview

  • comprise a battery of EIGHT individual tests: Verbal Reasoning*,  Numerical Reasoning,  Abstract Reasoning, 2D Spatial Reasoning, 3D Spatial Reasoning, Arithmetic Calculation, Working Quickly and Accurately, Spelling

*Verbal Reasoning is available in Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

How are the results presented?

  • Percentile scores (norm referenced): comparing them with other students of their age and similar academic background

  • Speed score: showing them the number of questions attempted

  • Accuracy Score: showing them how many of the attempted questions were correctly answered

In addition, if they are integrated into the Preview workbook, the student receives the information specifically related to different career areas under consideration as appropriate.

Psychometric evaluation and test validation

Based on statistical analysis of large populations of students, the results of the Cambridge Profile Aptitude Tests have been analysed by Dr Charles Johnson in order to check their effectiveness in measuring a candidate's aptitudes.

In addition, we have also compared the results with the known ability of some students from their own GCSE results and in some cases AS,  A level or IB. This has allowed us to check that the level of aptitude measured by The Cambridge Profile accurately predicts students actual academic performance at school.

For those who would like more in-depth information on the tests, a report on technical evaluation is available. Read more on COA's assessment philosophy.


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Further information:

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COA produces excellent ways for schools to help their pupils. Their reports provide invaluable structures for discussion and information for decision-making.

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