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Degree Course Descriptions - the students guide to degree couses,. With an overview on each course, detail and stucutre of the course and career oportunities for graduates.

Degree Course Descriptions 2015

Students need to know what is relevant to them about the nature of the degree courses they are considering. Degree Course Descriptions will tell them much of what they need to know in plain language.

The individual articles on degree course topics are mainly written by heads of department and senior lecturers at major universities. These people know their own courses from the inside. They also understand the doubts and difficulties facing students who are about to make choices that will affect their whole lives.

Each description gives:

  • a wide-ranging overview of the course area
  • details of typical course structures
  • career opportunities for graduates
  • related degrees
  • recommended reading
  • website links

In addition to the course descriptions, there are general articles covering related topics such as budgeting and other considerations when choosing a degree course.

ISBN: 978-1-906711-20-7


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