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Probe - an introduction to careers

An introduction to careers

Probe is a fully illustrated online programme designed for use by careers staff in the classroom with year 8 or 9 students. It offers a useful introduction to careers work and provides students with their own worksheets to encourage systematic research.

Probe helps students to discover:

  • what factors influence their career choice
  • what people actually do in their jobs or careers
  • how to research career information using resources in the careers room
  • the importance of selecting suitable GCSE or equivalent subjects
  • the implications of their decision-making at a given age

The package includes

  • a site licence for one year
  • 3 lesson plans
  • optional student worksheets

Further information

To register for a free trial or for further details please contact Production. Alternatively, purchase a licence with our online order form.

Probe provides a simple way of helping young people to think about their preferences and their effect on possible job choice. They can print out worksheets and choose jobs to investigate in greater detail. This encourages them to use the resources as a way of focussing on likely areas of interest rather than on a general, ad hoc basis.

COA provides some suggested lesson plans to accompany Probe and these may be used as part of the school’s integrated CEG programme for years 8 and/or 9.

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The students enjoy the fun graphics of Probe and find the suggested careers very useful as a starting point for research. I always use Probe to help our Year 9 students in choosing their GCSE options. It is an invaluable resource in our Careers Education programme.

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