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Preview - The Careers Guidance Programme

What is Preview?

Preview is a careers guidance programme designed for students likely to take AS/A level, IB, AP, Scottish Highers or equivalent examinations.

It is normally taken by students at the end of Year 10 or the beginning of Year 11 and is based on an interest questionnaire (online or paper-based). Careers staff like Preview because it can be integrated into the school's careers curriculum. Alternatively careers advisers can use it independently.

How does Preview work?

Preview analyses individual student responses and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas. In addition, it provides:

  • useful information for each student on the top key career areas
  • a personalised AS/A level or IB subject selection chart
  • a facility for structured careers research
  • access to MyCareersRoom
  • a hard copy and online version of The Careers Directory for each student
  • a copy of the Personal Development Guide for each student

Preview helps students to:

  • think carefully about their interests and to identify suitable career areas for further investigation
  • to develop skills and carry out detailed research into specific careers
  • understand the likely demands careers will make on them
  • make informed decisions about their future
  • understand the relevance of subject choice in relation to their more likely careers and HE needs
  • develop a very useful online portfolio of their skills, achievements and notes on work experience in MyCareersRoom, which is available up to age 24

Optional extras:

I am writing to thank you for the excellent organisation of the Preview and Cambridge Profile tests...The interviewers were brilliant – patient, knowledgeable and good humoured. All in all, the system worked far better than any we have used in the past.

Alleyn's School, London

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Preview includes:

For schools...

  • Talks for students
  • Parent brochures
  • Attendance at two parent meetings or events per year
  • All testing materials
  • Online access to MySchool for staff
  • Optional In-house training for careers/HE staff and tutors

For students...

Further information:

Please call us on 01362 688 722 or email [email protected] for  further information on the use of our programmes or to arrange a school visit.

Preview is invaluable in encouraging students to think about their career and higher education options. The workbooks are full of clearly presented information, which almost always stimulates plenty of discussion and further research.

Felsted School


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