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Centigrade - finding the right HE course

Centigrade Registration
Finding the right HE Course - Do your students know where to start?

With the recent increase in UK tuition fees and a wide choice of options in Europe, choosing the right higher education course is essential.

  • Do your students feel confident about their university and course choices?
  • Are they making the best possible use of their limited time to do in-depth research on those courses best suited to their interests and abilities?
  • Would you like to understand how Centigrade could enhance your tutorial programme and meet the latest statutory requirements?

Find out more, including 2016-17 prices, by visiting:

To request an information pack or order questionnaires (online or paper) & student/parent brochures please complete our online order form.

Training: To register an interest in the next Centigrade Training Course being held in London please email Evelyn Millbank.

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