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How can I nudge my daughter towards a Stem career?

She has an aptitude for science and maths but she sees the area as being just for geeks. How can I help her?

Inspiring new generation of talented young engineers

When GCSE and A-level results were released last month, there was an eye-catching change in tack from Bristol schools as they announced their achievements.

State schools begin to build alumni networks

State schools are missing a fundraising opportunity potentially worth tens of millions of pounds a year by failing to ask their former pupils for money.

Wolf whistle’s days could be numbered

Gone are the days of the stereotypical ‘builder bloke’ and instead, a legion of women are hammering, chiselling and sawing their way through the glass ceiling.

Roberta the Builder busts plaster ceiling

Women are exacting revenge on wolf-whistling builders by climbing up the ladder in the construction sector.

Female students show more interest in STEM subjects

Survey shows increased number of female students are interested in studying Stem subjects beyond A-Level.

More female students interested in engineering

A growing proportion of female students are expressing an interest in studying engineering, new research has revealed.

Mutiny on the high fees

University students facing soaring debts are demanding they get what they’ve paid for in the form of better teaching.

Fewer students choosing local universities

Increased fees fail to deter young people from traveling further afield.

A-level students ‘still look to move away’ for university

Fewer sixth-form students want to attend a university near their home despite tuition fees rising to £9,000 a year, a new survey says.

Fewer young people plan to go to local university

Students are increasingly likely to want to go to university outside their local area, suggests research tracking the intentions of sixth formers.

More students want to study away from home

Britain’s undergraduates are continuing to study away from their home towns despite the revolution in higher education, which has seen fees rise to as much as £9,000 a year.


Opening doors of opportunity